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Lipche Lupus

Breeding of Bavarian Mountain Hound

Ing. Milan Haviar

I've been dealing with breeding of Bavarian Mountain Hound (BMH) since 1985. That's when I started to work at State forests in Jasenie, Slovakia, area of which is situated on southern part of Low Tatras. At that time I had an opportunity to see for the first time the work of BMH dog named Fila.

After first moments with this dog I bought one myself and he was coming from well known breeder from Gader valley. With this dog I passed my first exams and lots of following trails. After him I had two more BMH dogs.


Breeding station

Currently I have a BMH bitch named DEA from Foráš, which has Slovak-German origins, her mother is Brita from Bôrčanská valley and father Hugo von Diemstein. After her exhibition in 2013 and my club colleague's recommendations I decided to open a breeding station. Dea is natural announcer, she is sharp against all kinds of animals and persistent on trail.

As I live in Slovenská Ľupča, a village which history is connected to hunting of wild animals, I named the breeding station with historical name of the village and its modifications - Lipche Lupus.



In breeding and training of BMH dogs I've always focused mainly on their working skills, not so much on appearance and beauty.

It is important that a dog works well on trail, he shouldn't be afraid of a bear and should be always able to find a way back and have a orientation in unknown or difficult terrain.

All the puppies are mend to be only for active hunters!



Litter A - 2013, total 9 puppies (3 dogs, 6 bitches). Out of them 3 are in Czech Republic and 6 in SR.

Litter B - 2015, total 8 puppies (1 dog, 7 bitches). The father is HUGO from Liptovských Revúc. Export countries: Slovenia, Hungary and Luxembourgh. You can find pictures of the litter B here.

Litter C - current litter, father is IKI Trium Slecs.

You can find more pictures and the newest information on our Facebook page.

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Ing. Milan Haviar
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